Hands Up Chilliwack!

Hands Up Chilliwack provides food-insecure families with weekly nutritious meal kits. We provide pre-measured ingredients, the healthy recipe, a video cooking demonstration, and a cost breakdown to show how affordable the meals are. The families just follow along!

We encourage the families to involve everyone in the process and it becomes both an educational resource for parents and kids, but also a bonding experience for the whole family!

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This program is currently paused

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Please check back in the fall to get more information on when applications will open again. Thank you for your interest!

Families have told us that this program:

Taught them and their children new cooking skills

Made their diet more nutritious

Brought their family closer together

Filled the gaps in their food security needs

Exposed them to new types of food

Gave them better food budgeting skills

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! We currently offer evening deliveries from 5-6pm. We cannot allow evening pickups as our kitchen is closed at that time but our volunteers are happy to drop it off right to your doorstep.

Participants receive a kit with 2-3 recipes every two weeks. 

Absolutely. We accept applications on a needs basis and do not charge for any part of the program. 

We ask that participants fill out a quick feedback form by the end of the week that they got their kit. This ensures that recipes are made before the food goes bad and reduces food waste. We also ask that participants stay open to trying new types of foods and complete each recipe to the best of their ability. 

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Ensure No Child Is cold This Winter

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